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Find passion in life while creating habits for success. Learn a philosophy to create a mindful purpose for yourself and become an important member of society.

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7 Steps
to Perfection

Learn these secret steps to perfect any skill no matter the obstacle. These steps create the foundation for success and build the motivation needed to achieve the impossible.



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Study the material here and complete the Curiosty Quiz once finished to qualify for job shadowing, internships, career opportunities, and career advancement. Our system automatically tracks your progress and sends invitations to those who excel with these guides. Hire a Curiosity Coach

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Use XpressLab to read other students' notes, to keep track of your own thoughts, while also getting a small taste of what our Hive Mentality looks like.

We care equally for how well you work in a digital remote environment as we do about your individual intellect. Thus, your meaningful contributions to XpressLab will be monitored and assessed as part of your overall acceptance into our program.

You can expect your learning process to take up to 6 months before your skills are acceptable to enter our program. Alternatively, we suggest to work directly with a Curiosity Coach to accelerate this process.

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I learned how to adapt my schedule with theirs and sync up in an Agile environemnt. Before I started, I didn't even know what Agile was.

By Lalla August 15 2018
Customer Testimonails

I love brainstorming ways to streamline and improve the process, I feel so involved in everything and though I am just an intern, I always feel entirely heard out and like my opinions are valued.

By Mackenzie August 16 2018
Customer Testimonails

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