Program Overview

We work with a few million students around the world over the past 20 years, have staff in over 12 countries, and utilize multiple methodologies for success. Whether that is Agile, LEAN, Waterfall, or new and innovative management techniques. We are partnered with enterprises who have very interesting HR Benefit packages and recruiting techniques. We discuss immigration with potential hires and help them setup their livelihood all over the world. Then, we track everything using state of the art technology as people transition from students, to interns, to career professionals.

Our HR experiential learning is equal parts social as you get hands-on experience evaluating and interviewing candidates, creating HR Playbooks, and utilizing enterprise software. You'll fine tune your ability to communicate professionally and effectively with people of many cultures while keeping track of your progress in our software. You'll have freedom to choose how much you delve into each project and what aspect you want to have impact on - a great opportunity for a novice to the field or a seasoned HR professional who wants to understand artificial intelligence and make use of futuristic tools in the industry.


Start Social Learning

Join our preliminary community on Facebook to easily learn business standards, soft skills, and to show off your passion for a career. Meet others around the world who are also focusing on career advancement to expand your business network. This first step is a fast, fun, and easy way to start your journey in business.

Use XpressLab

After passing the initial quizzes, start participating in XpressLab as you follow along our guided workshops. Here, you can contribute your own research, analysis, and give input to collaborate with our community. Your social participation combined with analytical collaboration acts as our interactive interview process to determine who gets deeper mentorship into our experiential learning program.

Get a Focus Pass

Once you have participated with consistency and passed all our Social Learning Units, you may qualify for an invitation to our Enterprise Curiosity Community. It is here that you will shadow business professionals, collaborate on international projects, business intelligence, and make a larger impact through opportunities with the Fortune 500 industry. This access requires either a paid Focus Pass or a Focus Pass sponsorship provided by one of our companies who finds your interactivity with the community impressive.

Start with Social Learning

We don't believe in time. Really, at all. Our programs allow you to start when you want and contribute as much or as little as you want. Learn to break free from solid guidelines & instead we want you to make decisions for yourself. Instead of asking this question, ask how passionate you are, yourself? What time commitment do you desire in this chapter of your life? Then, you'll have your answer.

No. None of our learning paths are paid. We consider these Experiential learning where you receive well over 80% education and training in brand new areas you have no understanding of, instead of mundane work. We are a non-profit with a very strong focus on providing learning opportunities, not labor. Read our Lifelong Learning page to understand why we recommend this approach.

Sort of. We are partnered with many corporations all over the world and we also hire for our own organization right from our interns. Will an offer be given to you? Statistics say "No" but your own performance and aptitude will answer that question for you and will most likely take three years before a formal offer is made to you. Yes, 3 years - you read that correctly.

Credit is determined by your Career Services department at your own Education Institute. This is handled on a case-by-case basis and we really encourage every intern to work directly with us & their career services department as an intermediary at every step of the way.

We are open to experiences with all demographics internationally. You don't have to be enrolled in school, no degree required, and no age limit. You will need a strong command of the English language and you will need to complete Orientation and maintain a high Curiosity Score with a burning passion for learning, having impact, and thriving on a team. Showing all of this with action and interactivity instead of with resumes or cover letters.

That is entirely up to you. We respect that you're getting your feet wet in the world of business and we want to leave things open-ended. Though, those who have the best success pick one area and focus only passionately for six months without looking back or changing their mind. Consistency and stability are rare qualities seen in new workforce. However, there is no pressure to change your mind or even dabble in as many projects as you want with us to see how things work.

Absolutely! We teach lifelong learning, and what fun would work be if you had to do it with strangers? You're welcome to start your journey with us alongside your friends and we also are certain you'll make friends inside the community once you immerse yourself. Feel free to share details about your interests to see if there are others in the community who want to study the same hours as you or who have similar goals and timelines for completing them - we are all very social.

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