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We use a Zen approach to education with multiple Pedagogical philosophies, primarily The SMILE Method™ along with The BELIEF System™. Our coaches do not go the traditional route of obtaining education degrees, but instead come from the business sector where they have gained hands-on experience. We are interactive, impactful, and also believe each student has the answers inside of them.

With this approach, we get out of the students' way and watch them teach themselves, watch them follow their own passions, and encourage them to uptake lifestyle hobbies and incorporate their passions into their careers. We also put no limit on age, gender, or other factor as we encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue their interests with the utmost curiosity while also following the best practices known in the global Enterprise market.

We use some aspects of flip-schooling while encouraging students to dabble in as many STEAM areas as possible that we think will be relevant in the next 50 years. We do not focus so much on the current educational trends, but instead on what the society of tomorrow needs from students. When doing this, we find students get very excited as they find happiness in being an integral part of the socities of tomorrow. We balance our priorities very evenly across education in AQ, EQ, and IQ skill sets. If we find a student is out of balance on any of these quotients, we will guide them towards the middle path and strive for amazing teamwork, as we call our Hive Mentality.


“I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.”
― Louis C.K.




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Live and let live! We help people to afford the basic amenities of their life by fundraising as well as donating selflessly, we serve to mankind. Join us to enjoy the feel of togetherness.

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We Make STEAM Cool and that starts by having the best teachers in the world. We incorporate a BELIEF system to ensure each student gets the best energy from us. We love working with lifelong learners who are addicted to education, passionate for sharing wisdom, and who teach through leadership and inspiration as opposed to lectures or hierarchy. We also incorporate apprenticeship style learning where the majority of lessons are impactful towards real-world problems and community development.

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We require all our coaches to undergo a lot of tech training. Go to the Office 365 Teacher's Academy to start your journey into technical education. This is just one of the many classes you'll need to become a curiosity coach with us. After passing all of our Orientation and immersing in the community, you can qualify for this opportunity.

The BELIEF System

Break the student's cycle by sharing statistics, books, and philosophy to show them a new way of learning such as the SMILE Method™. Disrupt their energy pattern so they realize there are other concepts, theories, and pedagogical systems they haven't yet tried. Remind the student it is not your role to be their teacher, but it is your purpose to be a great role model of someone who has mastered learning through self-motivated & impactful techniques that have brought success, happiness, and wealth into your life.

This will be an abrasive step in their learning cycle and is why we signify it with a strong understanding from the teacher of being the break in their patterns for the first stage of success.

Embrace the student by allowing them to learn along-side you. Not beneath you nor behind you, but instead - beside you as you continue your own journey into learning and the wonders of the world. Expose them to the foundations of yesterday while exploring the fascinations of tomorrow. Treat yourself as a vessel of knowledge where you carry them forward to new land where you tackle real-world problems instead of repeating mundane knowledge of yesterday. Have faith that the next generation will be able to achieve things you never could imagine, so allow them to see the inner-workings of how you think & what is successful for you all while sharing the orientation needed to get where you are today.

Listen to the needs of the student and try to see things from their perspective. Focused listening will enable you to cater to the learning style of the individual and will help you stay relevant on the subjects that will be important for future civilizations. Often times, what we think is not necessary becomes the core focus of our future developed communities. Let the collective student body become your guide towards and listen to the pulse of passion. Learn to speak into their listening and shift your pedagogy through the modes they are most open-minded to.

Interact with the student by participating in activities and introducing them to hive-mentality. This will increase their curiosity while you also provide lessons that engage the student in creative ways that will hold their interest.

Evolve your viewpoint, label, and title of the student so you see them in a new light. Each day, see them as someone new and capable of new things. Forget yesterday and focus on the student in front of you in the moment. Shift your expectations so you always provide WOW Factors. Mentally, step away from your student and cleans your perspective of any of their wrongdoings or failures of the past so you may approach their learning with newfound passion & understanding.

Realize the power of education and consistency to realize they are becoming someone new. Do not limit their potential by limiting your view. Your view of the future as their mentor is the most important step in their own comprehension of what they are capable of. Most students limit their entire future based upon the limitations put upon them by their mentor. So, stay realistic, but also be fully aware of the power you have as their teacher in this life.

Have foresight into the future of the economy, ethnic limitations, cultural boundaries, and personality traits of the specific student. Push them to greatness not for today, but for the civilization of the future. Keep in mind that most jobs that are relevant today will have no use 20 years from now and having clairvoyance will keep lessons efficient.

Give the student tangible goals for their own future. Step out of the way of their learning and allow their future to blossom without you. Imagine what success looks like for them in this moment, then show them the path to achieve that. Keep in mind what success looks like for society as a whole and steer them in that direction if they are resistant. Your role is to know the student's best purpose for society while also honoring their own path in life. When honored, their true purpose will not be forced nor will it result in lack of purpose in the current moment. With proper foresight, you can ensure your student has multiple roles in society at each stage of their life that all lead in a positive direction of community development and inner happiness.

Our Coaches Say

Meet our volunteers and know from them the basic objectives we promote.

I joined Ignite Curiosity as a student of e-commerce learning and finance. Apart from getting my certified degree and well knowledge about the subject concerned, I learned the real motto of life i.e. to help.

Zain Raza
Business & Career

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Ignite Curiosity is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Donna Lazarescu
Focus & Empowerment

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Ignite Curiosity is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Lyra Su
Childhood Education

All across the world, Ignite Curiosity has many happy clients who willfully joined us and influenced others to come over and extend their help.

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