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The SMILE Method™

We encourage learning from preschool all the way to career growth with a SMILE - a Self-Motivated Impact Learning Environment. In this method, students go through a 5-step process to encourage themselves, ignite their own curiosity, find inner passions, collaborate with like-minded individuals who share similar goals and who are discovering the same subjects, and finally to engage in community development to share wisdom back with those who need it most.

We have trained the same individuals for over 25 years and continue to encourage, inspire, and mentor curious minds of all ages. We curate learning environments to be peaceful, flexible, and all-encompassing with tools in place for the self-motivated to explore. Nobody wants to sit in small desks and get lectured, but on the flipside - teachers do not want to work with students who lack motivation. As a SMILE Student, you are responsible for your own exploration and your own curiosity.

The Curiosity Coach does not hold your hand through the learning process, but instead reminds you how valuable it is to make mistakes and also reminds you to engage in impactful learning. This style of learning has tangible results in your community instead of mundane homework with no real-world application. In this fashion, we are able to give internships and opportunities to students of all levels within companies and organizations who are partnered with us.

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Curiosity Community

Online Learning

In Version 1.0 we have partnered with Microsoft for Education and have built a robust platform with students all over the world who take part in Work Study Programs while using our online tools. The Curiosity Community has over 10 business sectors students can get involved in and we are currently building a reporting tool so students and administrators alike can monitor their usage. With over 20 different pieces of enterprise level software on the platform, we encourage students to engage in multiple sectors so they can experience as much as possible in a live work environment.

v1.0 Progress

$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Milestone

We Make STEAM Cool

We coach students in a unique P-20+ Initiative which means we help show them passion, curiosity, focus, and tenacity for learning from preschool all the way through college, and even well into their careers. We have been in the education industry for over two decades and are partnered with some amazing companies to keep our philosophy sound while also fun & engaging.
There are plenty of places to read books, learn, and immerse into education - though most places miss out on making it fun! We find a good balance between fun, passionate, and immensely educational for our students to build lifestyles into STEAM-Oriented careers. Below are a few of our signature projects that help in this initative.


For years, we have created curiosity camps for students to get passionate for STEAM, use high-tech computers, and have fun learning Hive Mentality with our signature blend of creativity and mindful activities

Curiosity Community

This network is comprised of a large cloud platform, amazing analytical tools to measure engagement, and multiple hives where participants socialize and collaborate together.


A quiet and peaceful live-in education center where students guide their own learning as they explore areas in mental health, well-being, and hopefully find curiosity towards STEAM education.

Become a Curiosity Coach

Help Curious Minds Find Answers

Through our Curiosity Coach training, volunteers show pathways to success for students of all ages. The training program teaches motivational techniques to pass along to students so they can create a lifestyle filled with creativity, learning, and exploration in subjects that will shape their life.


Proceeds Benefit Ignite Curiosity

Runnning for Readers

Fundraising Events

We host fundraising events as a fun way to donate your time, funds, and energy to increase STEAM awareness.


Central Park 5K Fun Run

8:00 am New York, NY

Recycle your old books and stationery items with us and help us give them away to the masses who need them the most.


Santa Monica Boardwalk 5K

8:00 am Santa Monica, CA

Meet and greet our volunteers who make it possible for us to spread awareness and fight the major causes that are pulling us down.

We Host Curiosity Camps

Meet our volunteers and know from them the basic objectives we promote.

I joined Ignite Curiosity as a student of e-commerce learning and finance. Apart from getting my certified degree and well knowledge about the subject concerned, I learned the real motto of life i.e. to help.

John Doel Businessman

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Ignite Curiosity is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Josh Doel CEO Buka Kreasi

Our Partners

Our valuable partners who have helped us pave the way throughout our journey.

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