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Ignite Curiosity is a platform to learn, educate and help others. Our working strategy is to enlight, educate and help. Students of Ignite Curiosity get the chance to indulge themselves into the pious deed of expanding their helping hands and reach the poor and needy all over the world.

Whether war attack victims, victims of natural disaster, people belonging backward communities and tribes; all are special to us and we try our best to bring a smile in their face.





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Live and let live! We help people to afford the basic amenities of their life by fundraising as well as donating selflessly, we serve to mankind. Join us to enjoy the feel of togetherness.


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You may want to help and stand beside the needy but in order to do so, you need a proper platform. Tao Management offers you that platform from where your help directly reaches to the needy ones

You positive gesture towards our noble cause will earn you points. Earning points make you or your company more reliable in terms of charity for the poor and needy. The points you gather will make you our most trusted volunteers.

Talking about achievements and goals, all we have is the priceless smile of a thousand needy peoples for whom we work hard. Their betterment and standard lifestyle are what we have in our achievement records. People joining willingly do not have any goal requirement as Ignite Curiosity is a non-profitable organization having a pious purpose to serve mankind. We prefer people who selflessly come forward to join hands with us, sharing our tasks of upliftment of people below poverty level all over the world.

Ignite Curiosity has gained the trust of many clients over the years. We ensure that the help you send, the money you donate is fully utilized for the well-being of the people who need it the most. Over years we are being able to bring a smile on thousands of faces which were previously dull and grief-stricken.

Our main objective is to work selflessly for people who are in dire need of help, all over the world. We try our best to maintain the smiles that we have brought in thousands of faces and also to bring happiness of education, food and other basic amenities to them who have always been deprived of these equal rights.

Charity is the noblest human deed. The more you give the more blessings you receive. Start donating and feel the change. We assure you the feeling of satisfaction you will receive through charity is divine! Being the cause of someone’s smile will make your day.

Our present volunteers are noticeable ones whose life changed after joining us. Ignite Curiosity offers you the scope to experience the happiness of donating. Join us in our mission of eradicating poverty and illiteracy. Be a part of Ignite Curiosity and be feel proud to be a part of such a noble deed.

Over the years Ignite Curiosity is able to provide positive lift in the graph of development of underdeveloped places and people as per the daily reports. You may go through the digital news report of the previous few years and witness the progress of Tao Learners, as a selfless and non-profitable organization.

According to daily reports, our success stories are inspiring to many people willing to help. Places like Islamabad, Syria are the worst sufferers. Our basic aids and efforts have helped several sustain a healthy and normal life.

Our Coaches Say

Meet our volunteers and know from them the basic objectives we promote.

I joined Ignite Curiosity as a student of e-commerce learning and finance. Apart from getting my certified degree and well knowledge about the subject concerned, I learned the real motto of life i.e. to help.

Zain Raza
Business & Career

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Ignite Curiosity is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Donna Lazarescu
Focus & Empowerment

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Ignite Curiosity is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Lyra Su
Childhood Education

All across the world, Ignite Curiosity has many happy clients who willfully joined us and influenced others to come over and extend their help.

STEAM Education

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Our valuable partners who have helped us pave the way throughout our journey.

Participate with us to shape the education of the future.